Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weight attack!

Now before I get stated here....I know I am not obese, and no, I don't want to be anorexic, and no I really don't obsess about my weight....but since I had Jazz I have not consistently lost any weight, in fact at times I have gained a few pounds....so I am going to try posting my war on here in hopes I'll do better! Now, I am sure that you are all wanting to read about it right? LOL Never mind you can skip over these posts...just knowing though that people can see how much of a piggy I've been...maybe it'll help. (I still haven't figured out why my current diet of snickers bars isn't working)

OK - here's my current weight: 130 lb, even. (Sorry fellow Aussies, you'll have to figure out the kg's/stones I've been out of it too long!

My final goal is somewhere around 105 to 110lbs....but at the moment, I'll be thrilled to break under 120....I've never managed that since I've had Jared....it's like there's a brick wall there! I'd love to reach my goal before this Spring (April), but knowing my sweet tooth, that may not happen!

Here's my hints for losing weight.

Keep track of everything you eat, and keep it on your fridge where everyone can see...

Be good all day, but allow yourself one treat in the evening (if I've done good all day, I am less likely to choose to "blow it" on a snack...but if I "blow it" in the morning, I'm toast!)

Anyone else have any hints they care to share?

Oh, and don't worry, I won't post about this everyday....only about once a week!

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Anonymous said...

apparently drink lots of green tea instead of regular tea or coffee! i haven't tried it but apparently it helps! and remember that tip about the first thing that hits your system in the morning being a glass of water with lemon juice squeezed in it...?

btw, i 'snickered' at your snickers comment. lol