Friday, June 29, 2007

He's Walking!

Yep, Jared is officially walking! I was just telling Mum on the phone that he has taken steps lately, and it was like I hung up the phone and he went to town with it....he stands up and methodically takes off walking, then when he gets there he stands and grins at us saying "Da?! Da?!" like he is so proud of what he's doing. He is now practicing bending over and picking stuff up....he's so clever! :) I'll try to post a picture of it soon....

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts and comments! I hadn't even been on here in a while and didn't know that you had commented. And the last time I was on here, my c-box wouldn't come up. Glad you're here Mel! :) Have a happy anniversary soon! (that's just in case I don't realise the date when it's here....I'm good at letting time slip past me! obviously, seeing as I forgot ours) The "yes, Maam" Kristy, was to picking up the toys whenever we frequent the Dr.'s.....not that I would let my kids touch such germ-ridden toys as are found in such places....:) I have to admit that I carry germ-killing anti-bac wipes in my car and disinfect my shopping trollies before I put Jared in it!!!! Shhhhh.....don't tell anyone! (fyi.....trollies, after being tested among many other areas, have one of the highest concentrations, of DISGUSTING germs.....)

We have had sooooooo much rain lately.....the garden is running wild! My jalapenos are looking sick though.....too much water maybe? I'll have to spray them with something just in case it is a case of Jalapenitus....or some such disease. We have cantaloupes/rockmelons popping out everywhere.

Anyway, just thought I'd jump on here and say "G-day", and let you all know that we are still alive and kicking!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

To Garden or Not To Garden

My sister, Kristy, has kindly made me a slideshow displaying the pictures I sent her of our gardening endeavours. This is just to prove to y'all (after Kristy's doubt-inducing comments) that I really did do some work in my garden. :)

He Remembered...and other things...

Yes, Heath remembered our anniversary! He even took me out to Perini Ranch Steakhouse, which is a famous steakhouse in Buffalo Gap. It was our first time there. (FYI some of their clients are President Bush, Gov. Rick Perry, Fess Parker, and a few others that I don't remember.....!) We had Steaks, of course, which were really good, and for dessert we had jalapeno cheesecake! Doesn't that sound wonderful???? ;0 It really wasn't was a NY chscake w/ a sweet jalapeno jelly sauce that was supposed to be drizzled over....we got it on the side....just in case. I really didn't mind it, Heath ate it plain, and although it was OK...I think we'll stick with regular NY. The funny thing was this place had NO airconditioning???? Just ceiling was rather warm! All in all, we had a great evening, Dandi had the kids for I got to eat my meal slowly and also hot! 'Twas nice... :)

Our garden is growing well! I have asked my sister to send me the instructions on how to do slide shows so that I can post a bunch of pics.....seeing as she hasn't got around to it for me! (Ok, so before I got this published, she got it done. Typical!)

Our life of late....I made jam!!!! I was so excited! Yes, it was from our home grown peaches. Now, if I could only find a recipe for the 100% fruit jams with NO sugar OR sweeteners. It turned out great....

We also made bird feeders for our "summer school" which is a really great activity if you have little ones, or just love birds in your yard. You get pine cones, string, peanut butter and cheap birdseed.....and then follow the examples below...


Thursday, June 7, 2007

I am ROLLING!!!!!!

I was having fun messaging my sister, Kristy, this morning, and then signed off.....I had seen that she had sent me an e-card, and just figured she was feeling really bad for postponing her trip.....(and so she should!).....and had sent me a sympathy card or something for fun.....Well, I opened it and was totally confused, because she had sent me a happy anniversary card????? "What in the world did she send me an anniversary card for???" I wondered...."it's not my anniversary" Our anniversary is in June....wait a minute, it is June....don't tell me it's the 7th!""" LOL! I still cannot believe that I DIDN'T EVEN REALISE IT! So everyone, today is our eighth wedding anniversary!!!!!! We have been married for eight years, and now have four kids, and are loving each other like crazy.....may all other couples and couples-to-be have a good, godly marriage and grow strong in the Lord together. Thanks again Kristy for saving my to see if he realises it too! *grin*