Thursday, June 7, 2007

I am ROLLING!!!!!!

I was having fun messaging my sister, Kristy, this morning, and then signed off.....I had seen that she had sent me an e-card, and just figured she was feeling really bad for postponing her trip.....(and so she should!).....and had sent me a sympathy card or something for fun.....Well, I opened it and was totally confused, because she had sent me a happy anniversary card????? "What in the world did she send me an anniversary card for???" I wondered...."it's not my anniversary" Our anniversary is in June....wait a minute, it is June....don't tell me it's the 7th!""" LOL! I still cannot believe that I DIDN'T EVEN REALISE IT! So everyone, today is our eighth wedding anniversary!!!!!! We have been married for eight years, and now have four kids, and are loving each other like crazy.....may all other couples and couples-to-be have a good, godly marriage and grow strong in the Lord together. Thanks again Kristy for saving my to see if he realises it too! *grin*


Julia said...

hahahaha! That's funny! I hope it's a good day.

aussietigger1980 said...

Yeah, I so couldn't believe that you thought *I* was the loopy one!!! (As if!) Woohoo, at least it made you blog! And I sure hope Billy has forgotten because then I can give him what-for... heeheehee