Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Trying out a new look....

Like it? I am hoping to do more with it...(once I wrangle my sister's help...*grin*) I wanted a change from the old as I was finding that there were many others out there exactly the same LOL! (funnily enough, their titles included happy mommy/momma too...) I wanted something fresh, and with the feeling of Spring! I'd like to learn how to customize with pictures etc too....or just win some help through the Bloggy Giveaways at Rocks in My Dryer....yes I have entered for (BTW can turn the above into links if you want! I still haven't figured it out....I'm a little slow!)


This weekend a dear friend has paid for me to attend a retreat with her in Buffalo Gap....I am looking forward to it! I won't be doing the sleep-over thing, as I am only a short drive from the location...but will go Friday evening, and all day Saturday to spend time with other moms! Should be fun! We should be an interesting bunch...along with a few others we will be an Aussie, a Jew, a Mormon, and I have yet to find out interesting facts about the others...LOL

My midwife should be there too! It will be so good to see her again...she attended both Jekkie and Jared's home-births, and is such a sweet person. We'll have to have a show-off-baby fest! Funny thing is she has probably caught a huge number of these women's it'll be a blast. I look forward to meeting new people, making new friends, and learning a lot!

I sure hope that Heath can survive without me....or should I say the kids? :) Nah, he's a great dad, and my neice says that she'll help keep an eye on them.... I'll probably take Jazz on Saturday though, 'coz Daddy is still doing renovations on the church building.

What are y'all doing this weekend?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

And Last but not Least....

We have a new favourite muffin recipe...Orange Cranberry need to head over to Tammy's recipes , and check them out! Be warned....fresh cranberries are TART, but once you get used to it, you're hooked! BTW, I make these without eggs....sure, I was supposed to make them with eggs, but when you go to bake, and find that you don't have any....well, you get creative! Or, at least you get on the web and do a frantic search for "egg substitutes", and then you find out that you can mix 3 tsp of milled flax seed with boiling water....which I just happen to keep on hand....phew! And we loved them so much (OK, so the kids insist on me leaving cranberries out of some), this way, that I have never put the eggs in! Oh, and I sprinkle the tops with raw sugar too! Soooo good, and Heath has declared them the best muffins he's ever, they are worth their weight in gold!

*edited to contain the links!*

Belated pictures!

Here are the pictures from the concert....sorry they are lousy, but they were all taken with my phone! Here's Lydia's hair-do....
Here's Momma and Lydia - see why I hadn't posted yet? LOL
And here's a random shot of Jekkie and me - we were bored waiting in the car for Dad and Co.
And till my new camera is bought....(hopefully as soon as Tax refund comes in...)this may be all you'll see....sorry!

Hey and G'day!

Sorry I have been so terribly absent! (It has been terrible for you, right?) I am so glad to be back, and yet I soooo enjoyed the break too! With the kids havning the stomach bug, then Jekkie and Jazz got a cold....It has been one busy month! Not as much sleep as is neccessary for me!....but they are all doing great...Jazz is still trying to get over his cold/bronchial whatever, and we still have to use the nebuliser a couple of times a day...but he's fine.

I have really enjoy, no LOVE, being a Mom....even this last month, with everyone sick....I just enjoy my kids so much. I am far from being the best of Mom's, but I know that I have grown since I got married! For the first 4-5 years, anytime one of the kids got the 'bug' or Heath, Heath had to clean it up...I had the weakest stomach. (It's also one of my phobias - puking) So he would lovingly and patiently help out...LOL....till one day it happened while he was at work, and I was faced with the decision...."either I can save this for Heath to come home to after he has slaved all day providing for our family....or I can buckle down and just do it" And so that was a big turning point for it's just a part of being a mom, although one I gladly hope to miss as often as possible! LOL

But it really is a blast! Yeah, you have some hard times, and times where you could really give the flesh a chance to display itself...but my kids are so much fun, and I LOVE THEM! They have the best Daddy in the world, and I reckon it shows! So now that my sister is married, I need her to have some of her own soon....she's got a lot of catching up to do... Right now we do have some attitudes to work on....and I know that mine is one of them...funny how knowing that your kids copy you, just makes your own faults that much more obvious....groan...

But, anyway, just wanted you to know we are all still alive and kicking! I'll try to do a couple more posts too!

Friday, January 4, 2008


I'll try to post the pictures of the concert soon....I tried to take some of the old theatre, but my phone just wasn't up to it. But I do have a couple of me and Lydia. Sorry for the lack of pics, but as soon as I get a new camera, I'll try to catch up!


Last weekend we went to visit Heath's grandparents. We went out to his grandfather's ranch while we could (he is selling it....), and I finally shot a real gun. Not only did I shoot a shotgun (OK, so it was a small one), I also shot a pistol! Yes! I preferred the pistol. I would have to get a LOT of practice, before I could be 'comfortable' handling them. Just knowing that what you hold in your hand could kill somebody is kind of freaky.

My dear, sweet, darling husband told me with a grin that he wasn't worried in the slightest about me damaging the target....only stuff within a 3o' radius!!!! Wasn't that so encouraging....but, may I say, that I blew that baby out on my first shot! It was such a sweet, satisfying feeling to see his amazement plastered all over his face.....LOL OK, I just had to post that for his to confess that it was the only time I managed to hit it with the pistol...but hey! Oh, and I really was lousy with shooting clay pigeons....but I maintain that I should've learned to shoot at a stationary target first! OK, so I didn't do much better on the still targets either....but, the wind was blowing! LOL

So, after 8.5 years of being married to my dear, darling husband (yes, he is.....Kristy....!) I have finally used guns....


Sorry it's been a you all know, we've had a stomach bug go through the house! Lydia, then Jordan, then Jared, then Heath on the way home from Lubbock in 30* weather, then Jekkie.....I have just almost finished cleaning, washing, etc.....'cause that means they have all had it (and thankfully the Lord has kept me from tending to catch those things) I breathed a sigh of relief that it was over!!!!.....till Lydia started again this evening.... BUMMER!

I haven't had a bug like that hit the same person twice before, has anyone else? Poor girl...I am just hoping and praying that it doesn't hit everyone else again! Sigh....

Other than all that nasty stuff, we are doing great! :) (and believe it or not, there have been many ways the Lord's blessings have abounded in little ways....such as when Heath started, we had just left the older 3 with their grandparents for the night....I can only imagine how miserable a 3 hr trip would have been then!)