Monday, March 26, 2007

I Must Be Getting Old... firstborn turns seven today...

Lydia Hannah

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A glimpse into our busy life....

Life with four kids is always busy! Plus it's spring time, and we are outside, and trying to get things looking nice now! I am going to hopefully have a raised garden bed around a good part of the yard, maybe sod/turf it. I am also adding some more fruit trees. One is a fruit cocktail tree which is where they graft different fruit bearing branches into a stock so that you can grow a variety on one tree when you don't have much space. I have also ordered a Lil' Big Apple tree especially for the kids.....they only grow 6' tall, but produce a lot of apples. We'll see how they go. I am getting bush cherries too. (I don't think I can fit anymore trees!) And patio blueberry plants, and strawberries, and we're hoping to plant a bunch of veggies etc. Can you tell I've got spring fever!!! :) I am just so ready to have the back yard usable, and pretty. And seeing as I love flowers and fruit, I am trying to make it as productive as possible. My peach, and pear trees are starting to blossom....they are so pretty. My apricot hasn't done a whole lot yet. I just hope we don't get a freeze now, or they'll drop their blossoms and there goes my fruit! I took a deep breath and hacked away at my roses, and they have taken off, and are looking real healthy again. They were looking real 'wild' and kinda sick. The weather has been sooooo pretty. What has it been like for everybody over there? What have you all been up to? I hope that I didn't bore you with all my 'gardening talk'. :) Dandi is busy with her schooling, and we are all learning.....some of it we might rather be ignorant about....but that's all in Chapter 21! She is a walking Anatomy book right now! I sometimes help quiz her before her's fun, but down right tongue twistin'! It's spring break this week....she's heading of to visit relatives in Lubbock and Wichita Falls. Heath will be working so we'll just be here, and then after spring break I am figuring on starting Jordan on his ABCs. So then life will be REALLY hectic! Right now I need a maid! I need someone to get on top of all my housework so that i can go outside and stay outside! Kay and Harley are still looking at moving down here....maybe?

We are going to be having some meetings here at the church come the first week of April. Heath has the kids out cleaning up around the church at the moment. The Clark family came to church last Sunday which was really exciting. We haven't seen them in a while, other than a visit back a couple of months at the house. They are a real sweet family. We have also had a young lady (Sharon) coming, she goes to ACU, and is from N.M. She is really nice, and we really enjoy her. A friend of Dandi's came last week too. Now, all we need is for all the folks from Aus. to come visit!

I am hoping that we can squeeze in some camping this year as well. It's nice and cheap but great family fun. I'd also like to learn to do canning and preserving stuff. I want my yard to be a good learning tool as well!

Anyway, that's about all the news for now....! I'll probably do more blogging and try to cut down on my emailing (OK, so maybe that's not possible!!!), at least my emails will be more answering questions, and the blog more for general updating for everone.....I just don't seem to ever have much time!

Monday, March 5, 2007


Due to my dear sister complaining that I haven't been posting enough, I am now attempting to post! Forget the fact that I have a baby yelling under the desk. (he is entirely spoiled rotten! but boy is he cute!) :) Jared is longer army style, but hands-and-knees crawling. Sometimes it's a little out of sync (sp?), which gets real cute but he is now mobile.....which also translates into starting to follow Mommy.....! We just got back from the State Park, where we went fishing....this time Jordan was the only one to catch anything