Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quick update and prayer request!

Hey, and G'day y'all! (how's that for a Texan twist!) We are all staying busy as always! I wanted to let everyone know, and ask y'all to pray for Heath's grandma, Mema. She had a heart attack this morning, but as far as we know is doing fine now. I believe that they are going to keep her overnight at the hospital to monitor everything, but I think she should be able to go home tomorrow. She has been having "spells" more often, so please pray for her health. She is a sweet little lady!

Otherwise all is going fine, and all. I have managed to keep from locking myself out far. (by the way, I just realised that the day I did that was friday the 13th! LOL good thing I am not superstitious......hmmmm maybe that's why the neighbour didn't answer their door!) We have started on the garden bed....building it anyway.....hopefully it shouldn't take too long to complete.....running out of time to plant!

Tomorrow is supposed to be about 80*....I think we'll cook out hamburgers for tea/ can't beat Texas hamburger.....especially if you throw in some mesquite chips for smoke flavour....(OK, you don't put them in the burger....but in the grill....wrap them in foil after soaking for 15 mins in water, and let them smoke!) All we need is armadillo eggs to go with I'll have to make some.....they are the best stuff to eat....take a jalapeno pepper, cut in half and gut it, fill with cream cheese, wrap with bacon, cover w/ BBQ sauce and bake or grill till tender (and blackened!)

Anyway, gotta scram....and hit the sack!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Pardon me...

....may I please use your phone? Thanks! I've done something really stupid...I locked myself out of my house.....the kids are in the back is asleep in the house..... YES I DID! Can you believe it? I went out in the back yard to talk to a certain boy who was yelling his head off.....I stood holding the back door so that it wouldn't shut....because it was locked....1st mistake....well did shut, and it did lock....and of course the front door was locked too.......oops! So I had to go across the street and knocked on a neighbour's door about 4 times but they chose not to answer although I am pretty sure they were home due to their truck being in the driveway. So I looked down the street, and see another neighbour on her front I head down there, barefoot, looking like a wreck, to see if I can borrow her phone to call Dandi, who has a key for my house! All's well that ends well! We are back 'home' now!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back again!

I bet you thought I was going to tell you that Jared got in the toilet again, huh?! Well, he did! That makes three times in one day.....and it also makes a new rule....please close the loo door when yer dun! Actually I also got on here to give you a quick update on our latest medical experiment. As some of you know the first one involved drilling a hole in Heath's thumb nail....and now we can say that we have used ear candles! It was neat, and although I had doubts about it doing ANYTHING, it actually did work, but not quite enough, as Heath is still having problems hearing! Now that we got rid of his ear wax, we just have to figure out how to get the paraffin wax out of his ears.....maybe the drill would work? OK, I'm just kidding....! We did use the candles, and they really did suck out a bunch of junk....pretty neat, and wild looking. I couldn't find the camera or I would've taken pictures of us doing it! Has anyone else tried them before???? By the way's THREE posts in one day?????? Ha! Now I'm in the clear for at least 2 months! YESSSSS!


I just pulled Jared out of our OTHER toilet! *grin* Boys!

Lifeguard Duty....

I just fished my 8 month old son out of the toilet for the first time.....he is now o'fish-ally a boy! OK, so maybe girls do that toowhen they are babies.....but we don't admit to it. Fortunately he was just splashing with his hands and hasn't managed to climb in entirely yet. It was the splashing that caught my attention... Some other things that are favourite pastimes of his are.....eating flip-flops or shoes, consuming dirt piles while someone sweeps, oh, and he loves to suck on dirty flannels/washrags. Like momma it usually involves eating! (Only my tastes are a little more vegemite for example)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

It's snowing outside.....

Big fluffy falkes of snow are drifting down outside my window.....they sure are pretty....only I am having a hard time enjoying them, as I am hoping that it doesn't ruin all my baby peaches on my tree! Anybody know if it will? Our dog is outside freezing.....she's not the smartest of critters, as she has a perfectly good doghouse.....dumb dog! We are supposed to have two days like this, and then back up to about 70* on Monday! Then that should be it.....I hope. Last night was the final night of our Bible study meetings....they went very well. We didn't have that many "extras" show up, but it was a great time just the same. With today being so cold it has me in a "comfort food" mood. So....I have fruit bread baking in the bread machine, and I plan on making, or at least attempting to make, Carne Guisada for supper......Back again.....finished my CG and it turned out great! We'll have it with guacamole, mexican rice, refried beans, tortillas, and have a mexican feast! We all love mexican food. We have Alec and Hayden tonight as well. This week we start on the yard. I just finished ordering my bluberries, blackberries, tangerine, grapefruit etc.....plants! The rest, mostly veggies, we'll get local. Anyway, I'll try to keep in touch! By the way, this actually is my second post....the first one about a week ago, got "lost" somehow when i tried to publish it.