Friday, July 27, 2007

Tis the season for all kinds of veggies!

I had to laugh today....I had some sales catalogues on the coffee table that had come out of my newspaper, and as they all seem to....they had an underwear ad, which my son happened to see....hence his comment...."look at those stupid girls Mom, they're just wearin zucchinis!" LOLOLOLOLOL!!! I didn't roar with laughter in his face, as there will be plenty of time for him to realise that they are actually bikinis, not "zucchinis"! :) It's nice to know though, that he knows it's not appropriate for girls to run around like that, and hey we do have a big veggie patch, and zucchinis are an abundant thing!

Speaking of gardening, we got our first 2 rockmelons/cantaloupes of our vine today....I still have to work up a taste for those....but the rest of the family loves them. My zucchini are dying off, and the rest are doing pretty well! Tomorrow is going to be pretty hectic, as we got a load of dirt today, and have to spread it tomorrow and try to get the yard seeded!!!! Yay! We are getting close to done, other than waiting for the grass to grow. I'll try to get pictures of it tomorrow and blog them for you all.

Thanks everyone for your emails (yes I got yours Mel!) I'll try to reply soon, just thought this way I could give you all an update till then! Jekkie is making some small improvements with her speech! Hooray! We still haven't got very far....but anything is a plus! She can say "yesh Mom" and "Yesh, Dad" and "Ball" and the beginning sounds of some other words, but we have to cue her and make her use them, as she is so used to her "lazy" sounds to get her by. (eg...Uh! mama, dada) We are working on sign language as well (a great web site is born2sign) and we borrowed a couple of dvd's from the library too.

Anyway, that's about all for now.....Catch ya later!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Still Kickin'!

Hey, y'all! Just wanted to let you know that I haven't dropped off the face of the earth! I haven't had a chance to download my pictures yet, but will hopefully soon. Jekkie decided to pick Jared up (not the first time), and drop he has a nice knot right between the eyes. Hopefully he won't end up with 2 black eyes....we'll see! He's doing fine though. For being the monkey that he is you would think that he would always be getting hurt....but he's really pretty careful, and I guess having so many eyes watching out for him probably helps a lot! Jekkie is really good at alerting me when he's up to mischief....Ma! Ma!!! MMAAAAAA!!!!!! (In other words Jared is splashing in the toilet, sitting in the bathroom sink, eating marbles/pennies (we discourage this), up on the dining table....or some such escapade) For not being able to talk she can sure get her message across. We have had a break from speech therapy due to the therapist (Sandra) going on Vacation. We start back on the 18th. Anyway, not much going on....Dandi and I are going to take the kids to the State Park tomorrow to swim.....nice break....Looking forward to it. Must go read Heath his bedtime story.....(Watchman Nee) ;) I am getting tired and have to get up early to excercise....yes, you read that right....I have gone aggressive to lose weight, as I was having trouble with my see-food diet. So far so good....if anyone wants any pointers....the best tip is to STARVE YOURSELF!!!! :0 lol I am trying to stay focused which is very hard with my sweet tooth!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Free Books!!!

Crystal at Biblical Womanhood Blog has a giveaway for an entire set of "Ballantyne Christian Adventure" books and I really want to win!! :)

Since I can enter twice if I blog and referral you all, that is what I'm doing (can you tell I'm a bit desperate?! lol)! So head on over to Crystal's and see if you're interested yourself!