Saturday, August 18, 2007


We're on the local newspaper's website....if you want to see, go to and click on the Airfest page on the main slideshow.... :) Thought you might get a kick out of it!

Rains, Floods and more....

We are being swamped with rain......great for our yard, but not so great for others in town. Heath just got a call from Doug (our boy scout leader, local firefighter, and search and rescue man), tell him about his day in it all....a woman was swept away by the flood waters, and died leaving her children, one whose 12th b-day is tomorrow.... :( Poor boy...pray for them...I don't know them, but man, those poor children... One on the guys from church (Gary, who is courting Mikaela, Doug's daughter)...his parents were flooded out with water, we have been told, reaching up to their second storey of their home. Doug has been flat out....with all the water flowing into Lake Abilene, they were concerned that the dam would burst (I guess it's weak?), which would've given the residents of Buffalo Gap one hour before they would've been under water. We were totally oblivious.....we had headed to the Big Country Airfest out at the airport, seeing as the rain had let up, and had a wonderful time watching B-1 bombers, F 18's, acrobatic stunts, and many other such things. Naturally I forgot my camera, but thankfully I upgraded my cell phone to a camera phone, and got a couple on it. It is a deal put on by the Airforce....the kids had a blast.....which was nice after the rain. More on that later! We have had probably about 4-5 inches of rain in the last couple of days. We only have to get a few more, for the whole year, and it will have broken the record. It's supposed to be caused by the tropical storm out at sea. We are fine, and have enjoyed it, but definitely feel for those who have suffered from it! We picked up a lady whose car ran out of gas, and she said that Merkel (small town near Abilene) has been declared a disaster area. I also heard that a house was swept off it's foundation. I'd like to drive around tomorrow, and get a look at it all, 'cause we haven't been in the flood zones yet. Anyway, thought that I'd let you know what's up for now.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


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