Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Countdown to Summer....

We are hoping to finish the school year by this weekend!!! Hooray! I am soooo ready for a break from school....and I can only imagine that the kids are too. Okay, I do plan on doing some with Jekkie throughout the summer....but just the same... I used to think that the USA was pretty dumb in the way that their school year worked....starting in SEPTEMBER??? (Australia starts in Feb.) tiny little 'breaks' every so often (Australia - work for 10 weeks then 2 weeks off), US, taking off 3months for the summer? Too long... (Australia - approx 8 weeks over Christmas time).......Now, I am quite happy with the way it is here....We do most of our book/school work through the months that are cooler, and can have a blast while the weather is nice... (OK, stinkin' hot) I have also found that it is a big plus with having a big garden! During the summer is when we start drowning in veggies, and so I need to learn how to can it all..... If we were having to mess with school as well? So, in a way I feel like the "real-life" schooling starts now....all the book-work, you have to have legally, but I look forward to relaxing and getting to teach cooking, and preserving, and growing, and harvesting, and weeding, and doing craft stuff, and just having fun.....and I get to learn too!

So the kids are working like crazy to get their stuff done so that they can quit.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Happy Mother's day Mum! (Ours was very eventful, which I won't go into, but hence it wasn't foremost on our mind.) But I love and am very thankful for my Mum and I just wanted her to know that!

It's Been a While....

....since I have been on here to post. Thanks to everyone who has left me comments, and sent email! Sorry for not answering! I just found a bunch that had been sent to my spam folder that I hadn't got. And others, I have just been really slack. But seeing as a few have missed my random rambling I thought I would jump on here and try to say G'day for a few minutes!

I was going to post last Monday, as we had taken Jordan to the Dentist to face his fears yet again. Now, we had already been 2 times....an evaluation, and 2 fillings, and were headed back for 2 more fillings! The first two had been full of fear and terror, psycho-mania, and lack of obedience due to the aforementioned. However, due to having both Dad and Mom there to help with some strong persuasion, we got through it. The first time, he did OK till he got on the chair and the dentist laid it back without any warning. (1st negative step) Then the dentist didn't take time to explain anything. He also didn't smile, make small talk, or anything, unless we first initiated it. The 2nd time, the assistant opened the door to the waiting room and barked "Jordan!!" (note...we were the only patient waiting) no smile, no "hi".....and he cracked...(you could tell they had labeled him as a "brat" from last time).

Now, I totally believe that I child should obey even when scared, and in both instances, after a talk with Daddy, we were able to get through it with a few tears.....but, there were a few times that I was not impressed with the lack of cooperation from my son! And yet, I could see just how terrified he was, and he finally pressed on and made it through, in spite of his fear. Oh, and you can just imagine him hitting the ceiling, when at the 2nd visit the Dentist says "you'll just have to take him somewhere else, and have them knock him out!" (we had already explained this to Jordan, but coming from the dentist...)

So, on our 3rd visit on Monday I could see Jordan attempting to be strong, but squirming in his seat on the way down....he was so scared. Then he started crying in the waiting room....but we encouraged him, and went on back....a bare hint of civilness was there at least this time. He climbed up again, and I started talking away about the birds in Australia (they had put up a picture with a Rosella, hence the topic), the ones that hit Aunt Kristy's window, going to visit Aunt Kristy, yada yada yada. Small talk definitely helps....and no, I did my best not to yak so much that I drove everyone batty!

And do you know what? He didn't cry once while he was back there! You could see by the way he holds daddy's hand how scared he was....but he was a little man! We were so proud of him. To see the way that he conquered his fears....they were still there, but he had the power over them.....so cool to watch in action.

And do you know what else???? He changed the policy of the dentist's office! Yep, they "politely" informed us...."Jordan did very well today, and there is no reason why he shouldn't in the future, but we have changed our policy about allowing parents to come back with the children, and from now on only children that can handle it without Mom and Dad etc....so if that's not possible, you may want to find another dentist" (to the which we both thought "Gladly!" *grin*) Now, the reason that they did this is because each time that they were going to 'wash their hands of this affair' (without much effort), Heath told them to wait while he talked to Jordan, and managed to help him get through it....so if Dad and Mom aren't there they can just say it's impossible, and get on with the next patient! At least that's my interpretation!

But Jordan was a champ the 3rd time round....And we were so proud.