Monday, May 19, 2008


Happy Mother's day Mum! (Ours was very eventful, which I won't go into, but hence it wasn't foremost on our mind.) But I love and am very thankful for my Mum and I just wanted her to know that!

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Mum said...

Mum says "thank you"! I was very spoiled - got brekkie in bed on a tray with accompanying flower and the lovely BBC 'Pride and Prejudice" video (so much better than the new one)some of my fave chokkies 'Raffaelo's" a baby animal book to their mothers (sooo cute!)from Lisa and some gorgeous 'glitter' scrapping paper from Jewelz. Lunch out etc. It was lovely!! Cried in church for Anita!! Blessed for Melinda's first mothers day for her too....xxxxx