Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I have a Question....

For those of you out there who know a lot more than me.....(OK so that might be ALL of you..lol), can you use You Tube 'privately'? In other words, can you upload a video clip to use on here, that "every man and his blog" can't use/post elsewhere? I'd love to (maybe) be able to post video clips, (if I could figure out how to do it....con my sister into doing it....she really is the best...(maybe that'll work...lol)) on here of small stuff that goes on around here.... So tell me how do I do it, and is it safe? Also does anyone know how to make pictures 'safe' from abuse on the internet? I am thinking about doing a separate, password-needed, blog for the majority of my pictures....? But I don't know yet...we'll see! (BTW, I did find HTML for Dummies at the library...now I need the time to read it....don't see it happening! LOL)

Speech Steps!

This past week and a half has been exciting for me, as Jekkie has shown some definite improvement with her speech! Oh, for some the change might not be much, but when you have a four-year old who can only say almost nothing...ANYTHING...is progress! She started saying A'boo....playing with Jared....putting TWO sounds together...she also started saying Ohhh, in understanding when told something, Owww when hurt, and No! Yes, I am excited to hear her say NO! :) Till now, she has only been able to say "O" for "no"....but she pronounces it perfectly now! She has also started vocalising more in general. She does a victory fist clench, and says "Yeeeesssss" when she is excited about something.....soooooo cute. LOL Daddy teases her when she says something, and tells her that "Jekkie doesn't talk, so you be quiet!" To which she laughs and yells as many 'words' as she can think of, just to prove him wrong! Usually the first one is "ball". So keep praying for her....she'll talk yet! I'll try to do a short post on Apraxia soon, so that y'all can understand a little more about it, and how we are working to overcome it. She really is the sweetest ray of sunshine, and I wouldn't trade her for the biggest bar of chocolate in the world! (although she might trade me....lol)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Note of Thanks!

I must admit she's pretty good....I hollered for help this morning and she got it done before I headed for bed....Wow....you're an awesome sister Kristy......OK, now the next favour I need is...LOL... A SPECIAL THANKS TO YOU! I literally couldn't have done it without you! :)


You should see a link soon that I am putting up....I will be linking over to Crystal's bookstore....I will get a percentage of sales that are made from going through my link....so if you plan on purchasing something, please make use of my link....when I have it up and running....OK, so when my SISTER has it up and running! LOL I am soooooo blonde when it comes to computers.....ah, I have no idea what to do....guess I need to go and buy a "Computers for Dummies" book...I know there has to be one! Although, I don't have a lot of traffic through my blog yet, maybe it'll generate a small....tiny.....microscopic....income? Not that we are lacking in anything! I'd love to be able to save for a few things though...bosch mixer, laptop, maid, chef....OK, so I'm going to need a whole LOT of traffic....sigh! LOL

Monday, October 22, 2007

To Answer a Question....

To answer my sister's question that she left in my comments for my food factoid post....Menudo is a soup that you can get at any authentic Mexican restuarant, that contains tripe ("tripas") as the main ingredient....gag!

Trying to organise my life!

Hey, everyone! I am trying to be a little more regular around here....I know I am not the best, but I will try! I have actually scheduled a "computer time" each day, starting today, so here's hoping that it works! I don't know about you all, but I was spending too much time on the computer, and at the same time not accomplishing much, so I am trying a different approach. I am also going to try and do the same thing with many other things I need/want to do. I need to start to sew again! Lydia needs some jumpers(aus)/sweatshirts (US), and I had bought fleece last winter to make nighties, so I think I will use some of it, and use other of the pieces for the nighties. The girls love fleece nighties in the winter, seeing as they are so cozy! I'd love to spend more time on crafts and hobbies also, and reading (gardening books!), and just doing 'stuff" with the kids! Today has been a good day so far, getting the house back to decent after the weekend...which always is the worst for me...I can have the house doing OK, then by Monday it is an absolute wreck!

Here's a list of what I'd like to start adding to my days!




Kid Projects

Crocheting (need to learn first)

Knitting (brush up on....I still love to think of the lavender jumper Mum knitted for me at 7?!!)

Educating myself on dozens of arts and crafts....so that in turn I can teach the kids!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Food facts!

OK, Thanks to my dear sister who made me do this....I am supposed to use my blogger name to tell everyone food factoids.....I'm sorry, but it's her fault....normally I wouldn't bother, but seeing as it's about food...

H - Hominy, with Jalapenos and Velveeta cheese....MMMmmmm!
A - Apple Pie fresh from the oven, homemade....I need to make one.
P - Peppers are a very versatile food...Jalapenos are my favourite....
P - Pumpernickle bread from the Outback Steakhouse....try it dipped in hot fudge sauce!
Y - Y do I have to write all this?

L - Lemon pound cake from Starbucks....totally complements a French Latte....try it!
I - I don't eat organ meats....shudder....my sister can enjoy those, happily ever after LOL
T - Texas Roadhouse is my favourite place to eat....
T - Turkey is good once a year at Thanksgiving...then it's easy to wait a whole year before you'll want it again....or two years
L - Lasagne....I love it, but can't make it....Stouffers fills in for me...
E - Enchiladas, Heath's favorite, but I prefer them in avacado or spinach

M - Mexican food is wonderful
O - O I can't wait for this to be done LOL
M - Menudo I will not eat
M - Mum's Meatloaf, childhood favourite, and it still is
A - Armadillo Eggs....Nothing can compare..........

I AM DONE.....Now I must go eat...some chocolate...Thanks sister....only Idon't know enough people and I'd like to keep those I know....so I think I'll skip the last rule about passing this on.....unless I RE nominate my sister....hmmmm

Monday, October 15, 2007

Six years ago....

Six years ago, in a land far away, a baby boy was born....he was born in a city called Canberra, the Capital of Australia, in a friendly hospital, with a great midwife. Jorge was a cute little fella, one whose daddy would do anything to see.....due to the Sept. 11 attacks on the US, everyone was scared of bio-terrorism, and every puff of powder was suspiciously eyed as anthrax.....so of course, in a place full of powders and potions, what should show up but white powder! And so the hospital entries, were closed and no-one could enter.....unless you were the proud father of an infant son, your firstborn son at that......and so, he managed to find an unguarded entrance and came to see us....while I lay there wondering what on earth was taking him so long.

Time has passed since that day long ago, and that little baby is now a growing boy, who is learning what it is to be a man one day....tonight is his initiation....I mean party! He is to be given a tomahawk, a throwing knife, and a DVD to show him how to use them....although he can already throw a tomahawk pretty well. We went shopping for the rest of his gift, an bought him 14 4x4's.....what more could a boy want? We have told him they are for building him a jail....which of course he doesn't buy that tale! But he will be a happy little mountain man when he find out that they are for him and Dad to build a target for all that knife-throwing, tomahawk tossing, pellet gun firing (and for mom to trellis plants on? I'm sure they'll get all the "Pruning" they could handle...lol). He has already received a gun case, remote control Hummer, roller blades, cars etc. OH! And I forgot....I bought him a green mamba, like any responsible mother would do. And just in case anyone is reading this who doesn't have little boys, a green Mamba is a snake....OK, so this one is remote controlled and his Grandma is going to KILL me....but at least I'll die laughing....she is TERRIFIED of snakes, so much so, that if Jorge happens to toss a PLAY snake at her, she'll still scream almost all of the time....of course my son wouldn't do that though....nor would he take her at her word, when she said "It won't scare me if I KNOW it's coming, you have to surprise me"....and send a tiny rubber snake flying under the toilet door, would he? Not just to hear her scream....not my boy, finding pleasure in finding any and every opportunity to terrorize grandma.... (BTW, grandma loves it....afterward! I think...lol...she does) My boy....is a BOY. (OK, so he does have some toughening up to do in some areas....but I tell Heath that's the Texan in him, as no Aussie would do that....)