Thursday, October 18, 2007

Food facts!

OK, Thanks to my dear sister who made me do this....I am supposed to use my blogger name to tell everyone food factoids.....I'm sorry, but it's her fault....normally I wouldn't bother, but seeing as it's about food...

H - Hominy, with Jalapenos and Velveeta cheese....MMMmmmm!
A - Apple Pie fresh from the oven, homemade....I need to make one.
P - Peppers are a very versatile food...Jalapenos are my favourite....
P - Pumpernickle bread from the Outback Steakhouse....try it dipped in hot fudge sauce!
Y - Y do I have to write all this?

L - Lemon pound cake from Starbucks....totally complements a French Latte....try it!
I - I don't eat organ sister can enjoy those, happily ever after LOL
T - Texas Roadhouse is my favourite place to eat....
T - Turkey is good once a year at Thanksgiving...then it's easy to wait a whole year before you'll want it again....or two years
L - Lasagne....I love it, but can't make it....Stouffers fills in for me...
E - Enchiladas, Heath's favorite, but I prefer them in avacado or spinach

M - Mexican food is wonderful
O - O I can't wait for this to be done LOL
M - Menudo I will not eat
M - Mum's Meatloaf, childhood favourite, and it still is
A - Armadillo Eggs....Nothing can compare..........

I AM DONE.....Now I must go eat...some chocolate...Thanks sister....only Idon't know enough people and I'd like to keep those I I think I'll skip the last rule about passing this on.....unless I RE nominate my sister....hmmmm

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aussietigger1980 said...

wow, i'm impressed and flattered that you decided to 'obey' me! ;)

why can you not make lasagna?!?! how hard do you think it is?!

what's that stuff (other than organs) that you won't eat??

i'm not sure our starbucks have that cake but i will see...