Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Speech Steps!

This past week and a half has been exciting for me, as Jekkie has shown some definite improvement with her speech! Oh, for some the change might not be much, but when you have a four-year old who can only say almost nothing...ANYTHING...is progress! She started saying A'boo....playing with Jared....putting TWO sounds together...she also started saying Ohhh, in understanding when told something, Owww when hurt, and No! Yes, I am excited to hear her say NO! :) Till now, she has only been able to say "O" for "no"....but she pronounces it perfectly now! She has also started vocalising more in general. She does a victory fist clench, and says "Yeeeesssss" when she is excited about something.....soooooo cute. LOL Daddy teases her when she says something, and tells her that "Jekkie doesn't talk, so you be quiet!" To which she laughs and yells as many 'words' as she can think of, just to prove him wrong! Usually the first one is "ball". So keep praying for her....she'll talk yet! I'll try to do a short post on Apraxia soon, so that y'all can understand a little more about it, and how we are working to overcome it. She really is the sweetest ray of sunshine, and I wouldn't trade her for the biggest bar of chocolate in the world! (although she might trade me....lol)


Julia said...

Awesome! Praise the Lord! I wish I was over there!!!! Man, I miss you guys so much at the moment. :(
Anyway, tell the kids that I love them, and tell Jekkie I'm really proud of her!

happylittlemomma said...

Wow! You must've been on here while I was typing...LOL Love ya, sis - Narelle

Anonymous said...

Heaps exciting!! Go the Jekster! Tell her Aunt Kristy wants to talk to her when she and Uncle Steve come visit. :)

Love the comment on the chocolate...jeepers, I mean, you must really love your kids if you won't trade them for chocolate! Crazy woman... Love you.

Melinda said...

That's sooo exciting!!! I hope she finds it easier as she learns new words. It's strange how teasing can make people want to do something more. It is good to hear that she doesn't give up when Heath teases her.

BTW I have a picture of my baby which I will try and email you. I have to scan it into the computer first.

Lots of Love, Mel.