Thursday, October 25, 2007


You should see a link soon that I am putting up....I will be linking over to Crystal's bookstore....I will get a percentage of sales that are made from going through my if you plan on purchasing something, please make use of my link....when I have it up and running....OK, so when my SISTER has it up and running! LOL I am soooooo blonde when it comes to computers.....ah, I have no idea what to do....guess I need to go and buy a "Computers for Dummies" book...I know there has to be one! Although, I don't have a lot of traffic through my blog yet, maybe it'll generate a small....tiny.....microscopic....income? Not that we are lacking in anything! I'd love to be able to save for a few things mixer, laptop, maid, chef....OK, so I'm going to need a whole LOT of traffic....sigh! LOL

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aussietigger1980 said...

there you go, blondie! ;) nah, just kidding. but yes, it's done--you owe me big-time. :D love yah.