Monday, October 15, 2007

Six years ago....

Six years ago, in a land far away, a baby boy was born....he was born in a city called Canberra, the Capital of Australia, in a friendly hospital, with a great midwife. Jorge was a cute little fella, one whose daddy would do anything to see.....due to the Sept. 11 attacks on the US, everyone was scared of bio-terrorism, and every puff of powder was suspiciously eyed as of course, in a place full of powders and potions, what should show up but white powder! And so the hospital entries, were closed and no-one could enter.....unless you were the proud father of an infant son, your firstborn son at that......and so, he managed to find an unguarded entrance and came to see us....while I lay there wondering what on earth was taking him so long.

Time has passed since that day long ago, and that little baby is now a growing boy, who is learning what it is to be a man one day....tonight is his initiation....I mean party! He is to be given a tomahawk, a throwing knife, and a DVD to show him how to use them....although he can already throw a tomahawk pretty well. We went shopping for the rest of his gift, an bought him 14 4x4's.....what more could a boy want? We have told him they are for building him a jail....which of course he doesn't buy that tale! But he will be a happy little mountain man when he find out that they are for him and Dad to build a target for all that knife-throwing, tomahawk tossing, pellet gun firing (and for mom to trellis plants on? I'm sure they'll get all the "Pruning" they could He has already received a gun case, remote control Hummer, roller blades, cars etc. OH! And I forgot....I bought him a green mamba, like any responsible mother would do. And just in case anyone is reading this who doesn't have little boys, a green Mamba is a snake....OK, so this one is remote controlled and his Grandma is going to KILL me....but at least I'll die laughing....she is TERRIFIED of snakes, so much so, that if Jorge happens to toss a PLAY snake at her, she'll still scream almost all of the time....of course my son wouldn't do that though....nor would he take her at her word, when she said "It won't scare me if I KNOW it's coming, you have to surprise me"....and send a tiny rubber snake flying under the toilet door, would he? Not just to hear her scream....not my boy, finding pleasure in finding any and every opportunity to terrorize grandma.... (BTW, grandma loves it....afterward! I does) My a BOY. (OK, so he does have some toughening up to do in some areas....but I tell Heath that's the Texan in him, as no Aussie would do that....)



aussietigger1980 said...

you better believe it...only don't blame the Texan...blame his daddy. ;)

ha, i'd forgotten about the shut-down hospital story!

btw, just how many REAL snakes has that boy come across?? just wonderin' if that would change his tune...

BIG hugs and kisses from Aunt Kristy, Jordy. :D

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday Jordan. Sorry I didn't get told till after your birthday. Hope you had a great time and that you are enjoying your presents.

I think we need to make a family birthday list.

Lots of Love,
Uncle Mike and Aunty Mel.