Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quick update and prayer request!

Hey, and G'day y'all! (how's that for a Texan twist!) We are all staying busy as always! I wanted to let everyone know, and ask y'all to pray for Heath's grandma, Mema. She had a heart attack this morning, but as far as we know is doing fine now. I believe that they are going to keep her overnight at the hospital to monitor everything, but I think she should be able to go home tomorrow. She has been having "spells" more often, so please pray for her health. She is a sweet little lady!

Otherwise all is going fine, and all. I have managed to keep from locking myself out far. (by the way, I just realised that the day I did that was friday the 13th! LOL good thing I am not superstitious......hmmmm maybe that's why the neighbour didn't answer their door!) We have started on the garden bed....building it anyway.....hopefully it shouldn't take too long to complete.....running out of time to plant!

Tomorrow is supposed to be about 80*....I think we'll cook out hamburgers for tea/ can't beat Texas hamburger.....especially if you throw in some mesquite chips for smoke flavour....(OK, you don't put them in the burger....but in the grill....wrap them in foil after soaking for 15 mins in water, and let them smoke!) All we need is armadillo eggs to go with I'll have to make some.....they are the best stuff to eat....take a jalapeno pepper, cut in half and gut it, fill with cream cheese, wrap with bacon, cover w/ BBQ sauce and bake or grill till tender (and blackened!)

Anyway, gotta scram....and hit the sack!


Julia said...

Yeah, I'll pray for Mema.
You actually LIKE jalapeƱos? Yuck! Major fire in the mouth!! Oh, well, have fun.

Melinda said...

Good to hear things are going well. Hope that Mema gets better soon. So Jared has'nt fallen in the toilet again?? Hope you get your veggie patch done soon!! Thanks for the reply email and photos!!! Love to you all.

aussietigger1980 said...

maybe the neighbours didn't open the door because they were a little afraid of the barefoot, messy-haired, wild-looking little momma on their doorstep. ;)