Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hey and G'day!

Sorry I have been so terribly absent! (It has been terrible for you, right?) I am so glad to be back, and yet I soooo enjoyed the break too! With the kids havning the stomach bug, then Jekkie and Jazz got a cold....It has been one busy month! Not as much sleep as is neccessary for me!....but they are all doing great...Jazz is still trying to get over his cold/bronchial whatever, and we still have to use the nebuliser a couple of times a day...but he's fine.

I have really enjoy, no LOVE, being a Mom....even this last month, with everyone sick....I just enjoy my kids so much. I am far from being the best of Mom's, but I know that I have grown since I got married! For the first 4-5 years, anytime one of the kids got the 'bug' or Heath, Heath had to clean it up...I had the weakest stomach. (It's also one of my phobias - puking) So he would lovingly and patiently help out...LOL....till one day it happened while he was at work, and I was faced with the decision...."either I can save this for Heath to come home to after he has slaved all day providing for our family....or I can buckle down and just do it" And so that was a big turning point for it's just a part of being a mom, although one I gladly hope to miss as often as possible! LOL

But it really is a blast! Yeah, you have some hard times, and times where you could really give the flesh a chance to display itself...but my kids are so much fun, and I LOVE THEM! They have the best Daddy in the world, and I reckon it shows! So now that my sister is married, I need her to have some of her own soon....she's got a lot of catching up to do... Right now we do have some attitudes to work on....and I know that mine is one of them...funny how knowing that your kids copy you, just makes your own faults that much more obvious....groan...

But, anyway, just wanted you to know we are all still alive and kicking! I'll try to do a couple more posts too!


Melinda said...

Thanks for the updates. Our comp is working but the email is still not working. If you have an email for us its prob best to send it to your mum and we can get them to print it for us and then can prob reply via their email.

Jewlz said...

You're so right about the attitudes Narelle! It happens with little sisters too! I see something in Lisa that I might really hate, but then I'll take a closer look at myself and see that she's gotten it from me.
Sad, huh.

Billie said...

My lil' one just had the stomach bug this weekend too...keeping our fingers crossed that no one else gets hit! I'm a terrible mom because there is something about it that I love when my kiddos are sick...I can just sit and cuddle them and they fall asleep on me ;)

I am beyond excited that you found my adoption blog! My prayer is that our adoption can be the green light for others. I think sooo many Christians think about adoption, but never go forward because of fears and intimidation...I know I sure have/had them.

Keep praying about will know when God is calling you to move forward..and He will call you. It is not normal to have those thoughts on your heart.

I look forward to you sharing in our journey!!