Friday, January 4, 2008


Sorry it's been a you all know, we've had a stomach bug go through the house! Lydia, then Jordan, then Jared, then Heath on the way home from Lubbock in 30* weather, then Jekkie.....I have just almost finished cleaning, washing, etc.....'cause that means they have all had it (and thankfully the Lord has kept me from tending to catch those things) I breathed a sigh of relief that it was over!!!!.....till Lydia started again this evening.... BUMMER!

I haven't had a bug like that hit the same person twice before, has anyone else? Poor girl...I am just hoping and praying that it doesn't hit everyone else again! Sigh....

Other than all that nasty stuff, we are doing great! :) (and believe it or not, there have been many ways the Lord's blessings have abounded in little ways....such as when Heath started, we had just left the older 3 with their grandparents for the night....I can only imagine how miserable a 3 hr trip would have been then!)

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