Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting back into it..

Sunday night Lydia came down with a stomach bug....thankfully it wasn't too terrible, although I am sure she might not think so. Thankfully after yesterday morning the worst was over although she still felt rough last night. Heath was home due to them being out of work for the day, so it worked out great. He took Jekkie to speech and although we were planning on spending the day out doing 'something' we hadn't mentioned it to the kids yet, so there wasn't dissappointment to deal with. We rented The Hiding Place and watched that together with loads of popcorn which seemed to sit well with Lydia's tummy. Now just hoping and praying that the others don't come down with it!

I still managed to get a lot of laundry washed, now I just have to get it all put away! I tried to get as much done as possible while Heath was home, just in case I had anymore casualties....so far so good.

It is freezing here....it can't make up it's mind though...3 or 4 days ago I was outside thinking "it's so warm out here I could get a tan", and now it's icy and literally freezing, fires have been lit to keep us warm, and I want lots of comfort food....only I am trying to make myself diet....and I don't think hot chocolate, hot baked good, warm bread etc...is very helpful when you are dieting!

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aussietigger1980 said...

yeah, the weather here can't quite make up its mind either. i can't work out if it's actually summer yet--and i have no idea what the mount will be like when i get down there this avo. i haven't quite worked out its predictability yet.

poor lyds...glad she's better...

y'all let all your kids watch Hiding Place?? i'm not sure on that one!