Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On the mend!

So far so good....all appears to be well! I sure hope that it stays this way.... Everyone is now doing OK. Had a busy weekend working on our church building remodel of the back room. Decent progress was made, although they weren't planning on working as long as they did. Due to the nature of our weekend I didn't lose as much as I wanted (weight), but I am down to 128.2....anything is better than nothing. I had got down to 127 but didn't manage to stay there. :( Oh, well!

That's all for now....must get back to work!


Winter Peck said...

Hi Narelle. Merry Christmas and come over to my blog to check out what you won.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, that's what i was about to tell you...go visit winter. :)