Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tearing it up!

Today Heath and the boys (read Hayden and Jordan) started tearing up the carpet from the back rooms of our church building!!! Yay! We use the rooms for a "kitchen" and a fellowship room for eating together on Sundays. Neither which are very kind on carpet, or those who try to clean up the spills! It was time for it to go!

We are also planning on putting in a double-duty baptistry that can be covered with a counter-top and used for serving food/eating at. We also hope to put in a sink in our 'kitchen' so we can wash dishes and clean up easier. In place of the carpet we will hopefully have tile or vinyl 'wood floors'.

I am excited....we love eating together and this will just make it that much easier, and user friendly.

Due to the fact that we had hard-working *men* around we had a totally-terrible-for-you-loaded-with-calories-but-sure-tastes-great lunch of Chili Cheese Fries, with cream-cheese Danish swirls for dessert washed down with with cokes (ie - anything carbonated) I am all about blocking arteries....not! I'll be sure to serve broccoli counter any blockages.

I may post a couple of pics of their work....but my camera is in hospice right now....barely hanging in there...I get about one decent picture for about every 8 I take....HP camera's are not the way to be thankful for all I post! They are after much trial, and trial, and trial, and trial, and trial, and trial, and trial....but I am thankful for having a camera at least, but I must admit that I look forward to when I can get a new one (with 300x optical zoom, OK, at least 10x optical zoom! LOL) I do enjoy taking pictures, and even more so when my camera actually decides to work.

Oh, and I bought pomegranates today - 2/$1 that is an awesome price. Have y'all ever eaten a pomegranate? They are good. Bit of a pain in the rear, but good! They are Heath's favourite fruit right now. Maybe I'll do a post of him and the kids eating them, if my camera will take the pics for me.

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