Saturday, November 17, 2007


Don't ya love it! :) I just finished my floors....I got a LOTTA tile!

(Hey,'re not reading this are you??? 'Cause if you are...uh, sorry about the, I am married to one of those AMERICANS after all....and you know how they are....their accents are shockin' I tell ya...not to mention their gramma....r...)

A'hem! Like I was saying....I have quite a large amount of tile, and it collects a great deal of dirt....therefore, it is necessary to admit that by the time I had finished mopping the dining room, my water was quite, almost, but not (Was that better Dad?) Therefore, I proceeded to empty it into the bathtub to await the children who would most certainly render it fully and entirely....BLACK! After many such loads, and soaking for approximately 20 mins, the children emerged with such a lovely tan, and their hair was such a bonny orange....I definitely recommend Pinesol for the rinsing of one's hair, not only does it disinfect every follicle, it also clean.... Now, if you are on very severe water restrictions, you could further use said water to water the garden and start a pot of soup for the evening meal....who knows what you'll find in it, from yesterdays meal...."Waste not, Want not" is the old proverbial saying....or is it "Want not, Want not".

(Disclaimer: For any poor soul who may stumble across this blog, I do not, I repeat, I DO NOT bathe my children in dirty mopping water (yes it was very dirty though...), and I DO NOT recommend Pinesol be used on ANYBODY....and no, I do not make soup from it either....although I do use city water to make that better???? I don't know either!)

OK, so I mopped and mopped and mopped some more...
then I found I was finished, with the floor
so I looked around, and mopped the door....
having such success, I could barely wait...
to try it on the walls, and it worked out great...

Yes, I really did mop some doors
And the walls are clean
Now fit to be seen,
If you've not tried it, you've missed out
So 'ave a go, it'll make you shout

Now, it's time for bed, I really must go
Please don't leave me, I usually won't
Act so strange...really I don't
Housework does strange things to me...
Please be patient you will see....

(It's OK...I don't mop very often!)


Julia said...

WOW! I didn't know you were so talented at rhyming!! I'm glad your kids are clean. I've been looking for a new shampoo, maybe I'll buy some Pinesol. HEHEHE.

aussietigger1980 said...

the poet is back...don't that bring back a l-o-t of memories!?!?! rotfl

ouya area osa unnyfa. initiallya, ia oughttha ouya erewa ustja ypingta onsensena ina yma oxba ota eba illysa--illta ia ookedla icetwa anda ealisedra ita aswa igpa atinla! icena orkwa!

ia owkna. ia eedna ota updatea yma ogbla. osa uchma orkwa oinga ona attha ita eemssa osa uchma extraa orkwa!

ia ama ona etha armfa anda evesta is awaya onighta ifa ouya antwa ota ryta ota atchca ema ona MSN.

ightra owna, ia ama eadedha ownda etha oadra 1/2km ota entera intoa yma eryva owna irstfa ouseha!!!! ALONEA! ia aveha utterfliesba. lol