Monday, November 5, 2007

Camp Food!

Sorry for the silence....we went camping on Thursday and came back Saturday avo. We had a blast! We went with our church folk down to a State park. Y'all need to come with us next time! Thursday was mostly just our family, which was nice in itself, as we were able to just spend some time together having fun setting up camp, then renting a row boat and taking it down the was such a peacful place to camp! Then as more folks rolled in we had Frito Pie for supper, and boy was it GOOD! That is one of the best parts of our camping trips....meal times....LOL...and not just because I like food! We have so much fun with the cooking together. And with Doug being a Boy Scout Man, he has access to some really nifty cooking gear. We cook most stuff on a 'wok' made from a plow disk...there is always teasing and laughter going 'round and round'. Our menu was
Thursday evening - Frito Pie (Fritos (corn chip strip things?), topped with Chile (not the peppers, the meat), onions, jalalpenos, hot sauce, and whatever else.

Friday morning was Breakfast burritos
Lunch - fend for yourself
Supper - Steak, baked potatoes, and foil packed veggies cooked over the fire

Oh, and campfire cobbler....Doug is a great camp chef!

Saturday - Breakfast burritos; eggs, sausage, bacon, fried potatoes, cheese, hot sauce....mmmmm!

Plus of course, hot chocolate, coffee, marshmallows etc.....

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