Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The weekend...

Thanks to all of you who prayed for Heath and his back! It held up through it all, and is gradually improving...Praise the Lord. Usually, if he didn't have a bad back, he would've after all the extra work....but not only was it already bad, all the extra work "should've" landed him in bed....but he's doing better! I like to threaten him each time I help him stretch it out (picture him flat on his back, me pushing on his feet to bend his knees to his chest....see why I have leverage with him??? How else would I have talked him into a new camera, mixer, and...???? LOL), for one little 'slip' could inflict great pain...."So Honey, how about a dehydrator as well??"

The guys were able to lay the 'body' of the tile, and then on Monday night they started on the cutting/laying of all the edge tile, and got 90% of that done. Now we need to finish that, grout them, and then tile the outside of the baptistery....the we have to finish sealing the kitchen cabinets....then we have to CLEAN... I think I'll be on vacation that week? Just kidding.

Other than that, I have been spending hours trying to sort through digital cameras, and I can't wait to buy one soon! Then there will be pictures folks! Yay!

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southeastcountrywife said...

Cool, then they can head over and re-tile my bathroom!!