Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A thing or two...

Sorry I've just been so slack! I just really haven't been in the 'mood' I guess!

Friday before the retreat I went to wash a bunch of dirty laundry....only to find that my washer had decided to die....lovely! Fortunately I did have clothes to wear....and left that evening for the retreat, happy to forget about the dozen or so loads of laundry that would still be waiting when I got back.

The retreat was a lot of fun! Much different to what we expected though, as the speaker went into major doctrine stuff....although it was the "Heart of Motherhood" retreat. I didn't agree with a lot of what she said, but it was a very enjoyable time just the same! Saturday evening she did talk more about the 'theme', and then a lot more on Sunday (the one day that I didn't go...bummer!) :) The food was great and super sister would have felt at home...LOL. They also gave out the recipes for everything that they cooked...that was cool! I'll try to post some on here soon! They pulled out their weapons (Vita-mix's) and we drank green stuff....OK, so it was good, and yes, I, the junk food addict, have slowly turned around and am getting closer to wanting to be a health nut too.... Actually, so far, I make our own bread, granola, cookies, and am hoping to do more as time goes on. (like quit using veg. oil, and switch to coconut/palm oil, cut sugar, etc....but I don't know that I could switch to fresh milk....ick!

But all in all it was fun, and probably just as much for the fact that I didn't have to prepare or clean up after the meals, change diapers, train children etc.....I just got to food, mind you....and sit and do was refreshing! But I am so glad to be home too....I love doing my calling of 'mother', but after everyone being sick the last few months....I was ready for a little break/rest!

Then, back to reality....12 loads of laundry.....AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Ok, not really. 12 loads, maybe, but I didn't scream. :) The Lord provided a replacement through a friend who specialises in fixing such things, and he was kind enough to drop it off by Monday evening....and order, or at least, clean clothes, were restored. The Lord is a great provider.

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southeastcountrywife said...

"haven't been in the mood"?! i'm sure that would float if i used it, too...NOT! however, i'll remember that line and you'll have to suffer it in silence now. :)

glad you had so much fun away. we are about to go for the annual women's convention at victor--you needa come!! what say? :)

drinking green stuff is totally disgusting. maybe if it was a fruity thing, it might be ok but i've drunk that barley max or barley green type of stuff and it tastes like you're grazing in a paddock. not for me!!!

speaking of granola, missy!!!! where's that recipe you're e-mailing me? please?

while i'm happy to try be healthy, i'm a bit skeptical of the whole coconut/palm oil thing. and what's wrong with fresh milk???? when we have our fifteen kids, we might have a house cow so i guess you might need to buy your own milk when you visit. :)

on bread, you have a bread machine, no?

and so glad you have a washing machine so quickly!!! yay, God!