Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Overdue G'day!

It has been so long since I have been on here! Figured I'd better stop in and say G'day to y'all! :)
We have all been hanging in here, and staying soooo busy. Lydia has just got over having strep throat, and Jared has had a cold. I am now starting to try and get him to sleep through the night....wish me all the best! Heath has gone back to working in the construction field as well as preaching....so he's a little tired these days! New years eve we got woke up at midnight with fireworks across the street and me and Jekkie watched, through the window, till the cops came. Yesterday, was the first day of 2007 and we 'celebrated' with housework....and then went to Dandi's for Navaho tacos....they were soooo good. ;) Today is just a run'o'the'mill day. Schooling, housework....maybe, some sewing. I need to sew the girls some nighties, but what I really want to sew is some old fashioned dress-ups. I have patterns for "prairie" dresses and bonnets. Hope everyone else is doing great and that y'all have a wonderful year.

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aussietigger1980 said...

What? No reaction?! :) Anyways, good to see you've posted. I haven't had my tonsilitis back since I slammed down those dreaded antibiotics, thankfully! Poor Lyd. :( Fireworks across the street?? How cool! The only fireworks I got to see were the ones on tv. :( Aren't those tacos spelled Navajo?? Anyways, I love 'em too...Lauren C gave me the recipe when I was there. Speaking of her, where's my shirt? ;) Send it when next you send something...hopefully that should be my birthday. :D Unless my Billy shows his nasty side. lol You are so adventurous in sewing and stuff, such an inspiration. Love you buckets! Am at work so best get back to it. Looking forward to an e-mail or I'll take it as a no. ;)