Sunday, January 7, 2007


Heading to the living room to see why I was being summoned....I had to laugh to see the reason, as Jared had rolled over and found some newspaper and proceeded to try and eat it. There was no way he could plead not guilty, for both his hands and face were black! He looked too cute! :) Today is Sunday, and we had a good time this morning. One of Heath's work mates came along to church with his little girl, so that was encouraging! We ate together as usual, and are now at home, having a relatively peaceful afternoon. Jared is a firm momma's boy....I have passed him to Heath at times and he has pitched a fit! However, he has improved a little over the past couple of days....maybe due to spending more time around his Daddy? All the kids are doing great.....OK Jared is yelling, but other than that!


aussietigger1980 said...

Yet again I am pleasantly surprised. :) Jared is taking after his Aunt Lisa!! Do you remember how that was Lisa's motivation to crawl anywhere? Rustle a newspaper and she was off like a shot! :) Glad all is well. Fam just got back from a week away at the beach with other other fams. I spent two miserable-weather nights down there...lucky me! If you are actually posting a bit, I'll have to get Mum on here reading! I did tell Mike & Mel the other day. Love you.

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Nanna said...

Hi, this is mum! Don't I have gorgeous grandchildren - how cute are they!