Monday, December 4, 2006

Quick update!

For anyone that doesn't know....we just got back from visiting my family in Australia, and we are now trying to get back into some kind of order! We are still missing one suitcase which unfortunately has most of our Aussie souveneirs in it. Hopefully it will show up soon. All has been going well other than the fact that Jared woke up screaming from his nap, and has a fever.... :( He's not feeling so great. Other than that we are all doing great. The kids are doing well, and I think we are going to wait till next week to start back at school. Today was a busy day trying get my house clean and get some clean clothes.....Tomorrow I have to attack my room. I am supposed to meet Carol (my midwife) and Dandi (sister in law) for lunch at Los first Mexican meal since I've been'd better be good! Heath has the kids minus it should be fun, as long as J3 is feeling better. Then to Dandi's for supper (tea).....that will be great. TTYS!


aussietigger1980 said...

I clicked over here to show Sal, not expecting to see a thing, so I am MOST impressed. :D This should be fun!! Love yah lots. :)

aussietigger1980 said...

Hey sweetkicks! :D How's J3? Love that name...but you needa call the next anklebiter a name starting with L to keep Lyd company!!! How's school? How was Los Arcos? I'm gonna e-mail you, I really am...and those nieces and nephews of mine...hug 'em all and tell 'em Aunt Kristy say hey. Give Jordan an extra-sloppy kiss, too. ;) Poke your tongue out at Jek for me...I mean, don't. heehee